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About TJ's Lessons

The Purpose: 
To instill positive values in children through examples portrayed in each story. 

To encourage each child to be the best they can be, and to tap into the goodness that lies within them. 

The Values: Instilling confidence, self awareness, good manners, strength over weakness, right over wrong, love over hate, acceptance over rejection, and encouraging the concept of "lesson learned," rather then lesson repeated.

The Business: Providing children books to the community through the series TJ's Lessons that will entertain, yet teach important morals that will help support a child through the growth and development process. 

Providing support and encouragement to children everywhere through the teachings and values portrayed in our books at speaking engagements offered at schools and events. 

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Lorraine Rogers, Author
TJ, Spokesperson
L.C. Rogers is the Author of the “TJ's Lessons” Book Series, as well as an exciting young adult series titled, “Pocketbook Diaries.” Rogers is a philanthropist, a motivational speaker, and a gifted poet. 
TJ is the spokesperson for TJ's Lessons, and the inspiration for its main character. He is currently pursuing an acting career and still works as a public speaker for TJ’s Lessons. 
Committed to bringing books to children that will both entertain and teach.

    TJ's Lessons was created by Author Lorraine Rogers. It is important to know the series is not just children's books, but it is a positive message to children of all ages. The Lessons taught in each book reinforce what parents and educators teach children daily. The unique series is a mirror for kids all across the world who will surely see themselves through the main character TJ, portrayed in each book. 

TJ's Lessons is a reminder to the kindergartner of what is expected in class, it is the confidence of the first grader that they can learn to read, it is the hope for the second grader who's being bullied, it is a lesson of kindness to the third grader who can't get along with their younger siblings, it is the hope of sick children everywhere, and the evidence to all kids that the best in them does exist, and can be realized, it is education through laughter, examples, and a good story. TJ's Lessons is your sons and daughters experiences, beautifully woven into a learning adventure that they will never forget!