DrumRoll Media: Open weekdays 9 AM-6 PM 

Author Lorraine Rogers has a unique way of getting children involved in her presentation. Bringing laugther, and cheer through her open approach with her audience, Lorraine creatively gets the message across that the TJ's Lessons series strives to convey. "Becoming the best you."  

Never straying from the books message of positive values and good morals, she keeps her audience entertained from beginning to end. 

With singing, creativity, student involvment, the reading of her book, and much more, she is sure to leave your students with a positive message that will follow them for years to come. Her presentation is catered for grades Pre Kindergarten through fourth grade.  
Our Author is also a motivational speaker, and has a presentation for older grades, Middle school and High School. Ask us about how to get her at your school's career day or other special events. 

For information on how to have Lorraine come to your school and do an assembly for FREE , please fill out the request form to the below.

TJ's Lessons Author Presentation
                Black History Month Presentation
                    Strawberry Knoll Elementary.
                     Authors Presentation for 
                Goshen Elementary Students.